Thursday 21st September Friendly  v  Pinner  6  x 3  Home   2.30pm  Greys    £1.50

 This match is now 6x3, not 5x3 as in the card


 This team is has been selected as follows;  Note the additional Internal triple to accommodate the over-subscription, and amendments in red since the sheets were first posted.

Please tick your name on the sheet in the Clubhouse to confirm your availability, or if your situation has changed, advise the Captain of the Day. 

Rink 1  **  Rink 2 Rink 3
 Michael Facey Rose Kirby Mike Moir
 Hubert Cox Dave Harding Pam Anderson
 Maureen Harding  Tim Baldwin Mick Lane

  ** Rink 1 please assist in getting the equipment ready 

 Rink 4 Rink 5Rink 6 
 Joyce Cripps Anne Darbourne Chris Moir
 Allan Rumble Liz Baldwin Bill Bowler
 Rob Kirby John Anderson Roger Darbourne
 Bob Baker v Sue Patey
 Margaret Timberlake  Brian Hedley
 Barry Mills   tbc


Captain ;  Tim Baldwin 

Reserves:      .....

Teas  ;  Maureen Burbridge