Saturday 30th Sept  Friendly v Hazells    6 x 3    Away   2.30pm   Whites

Meal £3.00



 This team has been selected as below 

  Please tick your name on the sheet in the Clubhouse to confirm your availability, or if your situation has changed, advise the Captain of the Day. 

 Rink 1Rink 2 Rink 3
 Flora Alderton Joyce Cripps  Alan Williams
 Denise RogersMike Moir Pat McKay
 Mike Alderton Allan Rumble  Nick Nicholls

Rink 4 Rink 5 Rink 6
 Chris Moir Bill Bowler Graham Buchanan
Graeme Richards  Pam Anderson Bob Baker
 Hazel BakerJohn Anderson Denise Williams

Captain:   Mike Alderton

Reserves ;