Tuesday  12th September  Friendly v  Stoke Poges   Home    2.30 pm    Greys   

This team has been selected as follows ;   Note that over-subscription has allowed 2 internal triples to be added alongside the match , including some late amendments.. ;  Please advise the Captain if your availability situation changes.    

Rink 1 Rink 2   Rink 3 
 Flora Alderton Bob Baker Anne Darbourne
 Graham Buchanan Roger Darbourne Liz Baldwin
 Tim Baldwin Denise Williams Nick Nicholls

Reserve:    Allan Rumble

 Internal Rinks      
 Allan Rumble v Henry Bell  Chris Moir v Rose Kirby
 Bobbie Richards  Lyn Carroll  Robert Yalden  Mike Moir
 Rob Kirby  Mick Lane  Colin Richards  Pam Anderson 

 Captain  ;  Tim Baldwin

Teas ;   Mo Burbridge